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#34936 Files To Make Some 'Pwned By Filter' Words To Be Not Filtered.

Posted by MuStaff on 23 October 2012 - 13:04

So, as some players requested to me.
Here is the file.

Download it here,

After done downloaded it, extract it and copy paste to your MU Data/Local folder.

#27086 Client Music & Sound (Client which doesn't have Music & Sound)

Posted by MuStaff on 14 July 2012 - 09:11



Extract the files, copy & paste extracted files to your MU Data folder.

#74559 Resolution Problem for Newbie

Posted by Navillera on 15 March 2017 - 04:48

Hi guys,


Yesterday I were in game and saw many people talking about resolution problem like how to make it smaller, how to play game in fullscreen, bla bla ... So I decided to make a topic for helping people don't know how to config it.


Please follow these steps:


1. You have to close all things about BattleMu (like main.exe, Play BattleMu.exe ...)
2. Open BattleMu S12 Folder, try to find the file name "LauncherOption.if" and open it by using Notepad. You will see like this:
As you can see from the picture:
DevModelIndex ​means your resolution. You can replace the number to change your resolution. Here is the list resolution based on number
0: 800x600
1: 1024x768
2: 1152x864
3: 1280x720
4: 1280x800
5: 1440x900
6: 1600x900
WindowMode means play game in fullscreen or window mode. You can replace number to change your mode (window for fullscreen)
0: Fullscreen
1: Window Mode
ID ​means your account
After config, you must save the file then open Play BattleMu.exe to enjoy it.


#73636 Server update to s12 in progress!

Posted by privatemu1 on 21 February 2017 - 00:47

Hi BattleMU Team


Im myself also a technician in IT field. For your problem, based on my exp. i strongly recommended wipe database is the best idea. The reason because the SQL Server 2016 have something that critical and far more different from those old one. keeping the Old DB work if and only if you guys really have licence for MS SQL 2016.Hence, u will get support from Microsoft, else just wipe it. 


Also, another reason i can think of about due to the version of the PHP / .NET of the website. If the latest MU SS12 required SQL 2016 (probably MS SQL). Then, the PHP should be 7, and .NET should be at least 4.5 or better 4.6.2.


Especially, if we are using Microsoft technology (.NET , MS SQL). MS always require the latest or nearly latest version of their technology for best compatible. Not only that, but also PHP now a day also required latest version for best performance and compatible.



#73507 S12 when

Posted by -Lightning- on 17 February 2017 - 16:07

Season 12 update when is gona be happening ?



At this time yes. Trust me when i say BattleMU team is working hard on the update we will get more information when they are ready.


Please be patient


Kind Regards,





yea, but how irony, Everybody Lies









There is a reason why we did not reply. We were focusing on getting critical issues fixed with Season 12. If you want to play with constant DC then I will be glad to open the server but don't be complaining why it keeps crashing. 


Furthermore, no one is lying. The scheduled date gets postponed because when we test the server a day or before the time it opens there's an issue with crashes. The coders are also helping to make sure it's working.


We don't know how long the delay is but when it comes to constant DC, GS keeps crashing for no reasons then I won't open the update until the server owner, coders and I can figure out why there's a massive DC. 


Estimated DC from login and in-game is about 2 minutes. Who wants to play within 2 mins and DC again? I sure won't. 


There are also other issues that came up last night and it's labelled as critical due to the fact that the character once completed 3rd quest it goes to another class. I guess you want your character that you worked hard for gets bugged. Is that what you really want? I don't think so. 


There is also an issue regarding with the save characters and accounts. If you don't want it to be bugged then I suggest you to wait.


We are making sure that the files that the coders provided has less bugs rather than critical. If you people can't understand that then don't bother waiting. It's really simple!




#69576 [GUIDE] Fixing Square Fonts In-Game.

Posted by -Lightning- on 01 October 2016 - 12:38

Have corrupted fonts in MU Online?


Does it look like this?





Download this file FONTS


And place it C:\Windows\Fonts




#77339 Bug with the MU HELPER

Posted by -Lightning- on 23 July 2017 - 01:32

Hey my name in the game is doralaexpl and im trying to put in the MU HELPER "Scroll of cometfall" in the option to add extra item but the name cuts and i cant find that item. I was wondering if you can put more letters in the MU HELPER please. 





You can put comet or cometfall. You don't have to put all the whole name.




#76811 This guy is a total agi hack

Posted by gatoman on 24 June 2017 - 13:12

This guy is a totally agi hacking hard. After the duel he moved his equipment away. please ban him and his IP so he wont come back 

In this video is clearly seen, my suspicions were true, most of "PRO" use macro, autopotions and autocombo, just move the mouse and click XD jajajaa but nobody cry for this, its legal... no?

#76590 Grow Lancer Wings3

Posted by MRfancy on 12 June 2017 - 12:55

Stats on Wing3 is inconsistent from data displayed on character details.


Item description states 69% increase on damage and absorb damage however in the character details screen it displays 40% and 31% respectively.



#76452 Castle Siege Event

Posted by Navillera on 02 June 2017 - 21:28

Hi guys,


I want to thank you to all new friends joining CS today with us. We have fun today, No matter who you are, religion, sex ... We create good memories. make a real moment. Something you can't down low, something you can't read about, something you have to say " I was there". Welcome to Rebirth family.












#76364 Still Can't Connect to server

Posted by Insurgent on 30 May 2017 - 13:57

Why does admin dont give the players info if they will shut down the server or something similar. We understand if the server shut downs because of bug fixes, but in the end, more bugs will be found -.- Only minor issues are being resolved. Not the major issues or the big problem of players. Please tell us soon if something like this will happen again.

#75866 Bug Pentagram and Errtel

Posted by mrDEE on 11 May 2017 - 14:42



This can't be helped since I cannot reproduce this issue. 


Switching characters doesn't make your Pentagram go invalid. I tried it many times with different Pentagrams.




as off now as fas as i have experiment, Penta goes bug when you do rr/GR using your account that have a char who wear the penta.
but when you put the penta in vault and do rr/gr it will not go bug. but still WE ARE SO HORRIFIED TO THE KNOWLEDGE THAT OUR PENTA CAN GO BUG.
- i would like to add a follow up question
can you give us more info about this? 
is there any other way the penta can go bug?
we better know so we can apply caution with our penta.

#74725 Reporting Toxic PJ in game

Posted by mrDEE on 23 March 2017 - 03:21


Hello admin, listen I'm not the kind of person who report people because I never took it so serious but this time this guys put me on my nerves so I want you please to ban this person, the IGN is Charris his latin I know because when I was playing I wrote in post :QUE VIVA EL ROCK N ROLL which means LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL", then he said to me that I'm gay and a pussy (In latin therms: "ese shadawn seguro que es marica", "estoy seguro que eres gay", etc). I addmit that I reply him but never insulting him like he did to me, and then he speak about my mother, then what I supposed to do?? To be quiet and that?? then a friend talk me about report him for that. Im honest, I dont have much screen shoots about that, just a few but If you want people who told you that Im not lying you tell me and I gonna talk with them because all he said, he do it by using the POST. Thanks for your time.
Pedro IGN: Shadow07
P.D: sorry for not have screeshoots, when I want to put one it says: Error This file was too big to upload


u can upload your photo file to photobucket first then copy the direct link provided then here on furom click the image icon and paste it there.
hope it helps

#74635 Grand reset probelm

Posted by -Lightning- on 18 March 2017 - 10:43

500 resets for nothing u got to be kidding me ??



It's common sense.


We stated 100rr for 1 GR. Grand Resets means everything goes back to normal, everything rr and etc. The system will only count as 100rr for 1GR. When you make 1 GR then obviously your rr will go back to 0 with only 1 GR. 


All our servers has these settings, so it's not something new. 


The problem with you people is that you assumed right away. You assumed that "oh, I will just keep going with rr until 500 so it's 5 gr" that's the problem now is it". You assumed without thinking things. You could have asked. Asking don't kill you.


Thread now closed!




#74247 S12 Updates v3

Posted by kokoy002 on 04 March 2017 - 05:52

when OFFTRADE back sir?

#74071 Ruud/Bloodangel/Priest James/steal of heaven

Posted by Raphe on 27 February 2017 - 16:24

#1. The ruud economy stay as is it now?
BC= between 50-100 ruud
and the prices:
set part = 50k
all set = 250k
weapon= 100k
it's still very very very much...  -_-

#2. Are bloodangel items the same in webshop as Priest James? or that's different items

#3. Can we exchange credits to ruud? if yes, how and how many

#4. Steal of heaven - is this item avaible from monster/shop? any info

#73638 Server update to s12 in progress!

Posted by comraider13 on 21 February 2017 - 01:58

Just wipe it. Ofc,people will react because they love the game and waiting this long is infuriating. WIPE!

#73631 Server update to s12 in progress!

Posted by BambiPT on 20 February 2017 - 23:16

Wipe all Account no problem for me.

#73630 Server update to s12 in progress!

Posted by 4aker on 20 February 2017 - 22:54

A agree with anomrac, wipe accaunts! 

#73629 Server update to s12 in progress!

Posted by anomrac on 20 February 2017 - 22:38

wipe counts !...WIPE ALL...S12 NEW!...BYE S10....