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In Topic: Jewel Bank

15 March 2018 - 10:35

Does this still work? I can't make mine work tho. 

Also, is there a limit?

And are stacked jewels included? Is it okay if some jewels are in the vault?



Should still be working in MuDream.


Stacked doesn't work. You can't bundle them.




In Topic: Account Retrieval

14 March 2018 - 21:02

GM. wala nabang 2nd change yung na ban ?



Using non-English on forum without the translated English version is not allowed here so consider this a warning. Please do not post any topics not related to your issue.


Regarding your concerns, no chances at all.




In Topic: Is 4th Class available?

14 March 2018 - 20:59

Is 4th Class available?


I cant seem to find the Sent NPC whom is required to start the 4th class advancement quest....

Is it really available in our BMU server?!



Not at the moment.




In Topic: Master skill tree bug (swell life)

22 February 2018 - 08:13



I have a problem with my skill tree on my Blade Master. I was updated my skill tree mastery (swell life) . Before upadate i had approx 350K hp after using swell skill. And now after upade if i use swell life skill i have just 250 K hp.... i tried buy skill tree reset scroll from Xshop. but it doesnt work, same problem again. 


among other things, one master lvl gives me just one point  :( . why not 10 ?. So the new players have a unfair disadvantage.

Same problem with my LE...


Screenshot :



Please fix it. 


Thank you for read. 


Account : whiterhino

Characters : WhiteRhino




Who exactly has 10 points? Need character names.


Thought this was fixed already from a while back.


Are you able to show a no set BM with no ML points and with ML points? If not, then it is fine too.



In Topic: Kicked Out from Server everytime.

17 February 2018 - 14:23

Hi, this is my first time posting in here.
I started playing BattleMu x9999 the last days of January, got VIP, and played with no problems until 5/6 days ago, when suddenly it stopped working. Everytime i open it, either with Launcher or Main, the same message "You are disconnected from the server".
Tried running it as admin, giving the program firewall exception, deleting the client and downloading it again, but it didn't work.
I also messaged the FB page to get some clearance, but got no answer.

Anyone can help me? Am i missing something? Port config maybe?
Everything else on my PC runs fine, im not having any internet trouble with any other program but this. Downloaded 2/3 clients from other servers to check, and they work, but they're dulll, and i want to play this one :(

Thanks in advance <3




Can you please try to reboot your modem and see if it works. 


I don't see any issues with your current IP address so I am hoping it wold work if you restart your modem and PC.