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Brotherhood System

02 December 2016 - 01:00

Hello Folks, 


Brotherhood system is a custom settings created by our coders. Using this system, it will provide you with benefits to advance your characters faster. From new levels to killing boss mobs. From a weak player to gain or push your character(s) to it's limit power. 


This means, using Brotherhood System gives you advantage from PVM and/or PVP. 


Brotherhood system is FREE.


Benefits are:


Experience Increase to 80 percent.

Zen Increase to 80 percent.

Damage Increase to 25 percent.

Defense Increase to 30 percent.

Ignore Increase to 10 percent.

Double Damage Increase to 10 percent.


Auto party for members in the brotherhood.


1. If the party leader exits you manually then auto party won't work. The party leader must not exit you manually to the party. If the party leader does then he will have to party you right back.

2. If the party leaders exits party, a new leader will be assigned automatically.


Commands are the following:


/brstart Name of Party

For exampleL /brstart 1234


/brnew Name of character

For example: /brnew 123412345


/brexit Name of Party

For example: /brexit 1234




/brteleport - not working at this time.

PVP - may not work due to classes roles and it's settings.


Please view this video as reference.






[NEWS] Castle Seige

31 October 2016 - 12:09

Hello Folks,


BattleMU Castle Siege is now active. 


Registration starts today. If you plan on taking over CS for your guild mates to use Land Of Trials (LOT) then you should register now and fight for it.


You have 10 hours left to register. I suggest you all (specifically to Guild Masters) to find the best guild for your alliance.


Also, first few siege battles is a test so we can find out if CS is stable.


Good luck.