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In Topic: Web vote useless

23 January 2018 - 19:45

Thank you 4 reply !

In Topic: Bloody Angels don't have ancient options in shop

29 December 2017 - 20:10

Hello Admin, Today buy an bloody angel wizard armor FO in the shop but don't have ancient set options, I can't craft it to dark angel too. is this normal? in that case, I can refund the credits?




  You can see ...




when you buy BloodAngel items on web its already don't have ancient option . And you will get the warn 1st then accept buy it . So Admin not refund it .





In Topic: GM can check

14 October 2017 - 08:36

i can't find set Crimson Skull for RF, i afk in rakion ,only find Armor , Gloves , boots , Pants , Helm no Drop ????



 Change spot 1 spot cant drop enough the set you need . Even you stay there for a month !

In Topic: Ring of Honor

12 October 2017 - 11:30

Trying to finish quest, where i need to find Ring of Honor. Trying to loot mobs in tarkan. So as soon as i found Ring of Honor, i can't get it up from floor. Found item 3 times, all times can't loot it. So i can't finish quest. Account is "preepx". Please fix it for me.

UPD: It's got collected in Aida, but in tarkan still not working


  Its easy drop from the mob : Mutant / or faster with the Iron Wheels  in Tarkan 1


Want to know info : https://strategywiki...u_Online/Quests   Read its !





In Topic: Killer's on Ferera

12 October 2017 - 09:25

Dear Gm's


I write this post because all the time player's have problem witch some person.


When somebody go to Ferera player's can't exp there because all the time some person kill them!


Also all the time they stay on enterance and kill all player!!!


Pleas make something with these person's.





  This is PVP server make your character strong enough and pay them back .