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#72517 Specialy to @Lightning!

Posted by MuStaff on 19 December 2016 - 15:13

My Forum account " Skillzow" was Perma banned for saying " i comment here for post incr :D" I don't see the spam or somting harassing

Or offending this is not even close to spam! also I cant logoff from my account.This is cheating. I want my rights and I want my account to be unbanned. to be perma banned for such reason is no joke. "


   You 're make many Thread just for only one your problem . Even  Admin and GM's has answer to you , but you keep posted :











Gigi " this is a spam on every other thread that ppls make and She/he doing it every time when someone is askin for somting.


I am a man of Justice and I want my justice ! Also I wana know how ppls get PErma banned and driver ban on their accounts/PC bcuz I'm aftraid of "data stealing, Controlling" explain me that :)


I hope you understand what I said in this Post ty.


"I don't see the spam or somting harassing
Or offending this is not even close to spam!


Are you seriously saying that?


"8) Don't post just to increase number of posts. If you have nothing to say to a certain matter then don't post. Double and/or Multiple posting is PROHIBITED! (DO NOT Double / Triple / Quadruple and etc. post.). If no one replied to your post then use "edit" instead of posting another reply (this is considered as spamming)."


If your post has nothing to do with related topic where you post such thing, then that is SPAM. How do your brain really works and said that your post on this topic: http://forum.muonlin...d-devil-broken/- is not a SPAM? Even a KID can tell that it is a spam post.


We DO NOT NEED any haters, flamers, jokers, spammers in here.


I didn't see anything's wrong with that 4znskygurl's posts where she clearly helped our community to prevent anyone from getting banned for breaking our rules that have been made. You should be thankful instead.


If anyone will ever get permanent banned, IP address banned, PC hardware banned etc, that is IF they really did violate our rules: http://forum.muonlin...licy-sanctions/


And what are you saying about data stealing etc?
We have no business and don't care with your personal life or whatsoever, so there is no need for us to do that.


Any permanent banned will never be unbanned, ever. As we NEVER EVER once ban anyone without reasons.


That is Justice from my side, take it or leave it.

#71440 Griffindor & Energy Using 3rd Party

Posted by MuStaff on 17 November 2016 - 10:11

Flags Change Griffindor and Energy...i think they are using 3rd party to use other IP or Account 


You must have a very much free times to do all this editing.


Even still, you need to improve your editing skills.


3 of your mistakes.


1. Look at the "Edited Flag" that you made, why it looks bigger/longer? Epic fail.



2. Why "The Numbers" looked like that? I checked BattleMU website and saved numerous times of screenshots just like what you did, not once I get "defective" screenshot like yours. Another epic fail.


3. You really think we would just ban anyone without checking the logs and do investigations?


The way I see it, from your last online time on this forum and from the time that Jared asked you what date you exactly saw his IP changing, you must have already read Jared's reply and you didn't even bother to reply. Why? Because "making false reports against a player with edited screenshots gets you banned."


And, that's what you are going to get now.


Logs already checked for Gryffindor's account and all of the login IP Addresses in his account only belong to 1 IP and there is none from Spain's country.


As for Energy, he has already been banned before: http://forum.muonlin...check-this-guy/



#71313 Problem with Ertel full

Posted by MuStaff on 14 November 2016 - 15:32


Buy the errtel "Radiance water rank 5 +10"
I bought it with the BUFF option. And in the picture I show does not have the buff option. And other options say they do not exist.
And on the web if they are, because something is bought.

I bought it with the BUFF option, which generates a celestial sphere around the character. And it reduces the dmg by 85%.
And as you see in the image does not have that option and the other options say they do not exist.

I have the PayPal transaction ID. Buy credits to be able to buy the Ertel Radiance rank 5 +10. With the option that comes on the web of the Buff that reduces the damage by 85% generating a celestial sphere around the character.

Also buy Pendant Water full acc + 15 + 7% HP and Ring Magic acc full + 15 + 7% hp. And I had no problem with that.

I do not understand because if I buy the errtel with those options, it comes with different ones and 1 says it does not exist.
In addition to that in WebShop the option is and is the one that buys, inside the server there are many users that have such option of buff.
And when I buy it with the same option, it is edited with others.
There are the logs of the Account to verify that what I say is true.
And I also have the PayPal transaction ID.

Please fix it. And many thanks.




Read again.


"What did you actually buy from webshop?


Please give details and screenshots so I can test it."


I asked for details/screenshots from webshop.

Which errtels, which options that you chose.


Not the same screenshot that you just gave twice from in-game.

#71312 To Sir Jarred

Posted by MuStaff on 14 November 2016 - 15:28

Please help me to preview our transaction of 123qwerty at http://forum.muonlin...ame/#entry71306the screenshot is not detailed. i trade him +15 Black fenrir thats why the color is GOLD. and i told him its Gold Black Fenrir as you can see the screenshot, i dont know why MuStaff Blocked my account that easy. its not my intention at all to scam that guy, i ask him if he still want to trade or change his mind. and he deal with me. i put all my time playing BMU and only one misunderstanding and my account just gone. i hope you can help me sir jarred. my account is kagznone. thank you sir



Let me point out some things from what the conversations shown.


1. BestDwSv asked "what destroy?", then you said "its gold". You keep convincing him that it's a gold fenrir (Horn of Fenrir + illusions).


2. One of your tricks, when you showed him what you used which you actually used an actual gold fenrir then that's why he asked again "why i see destroy" when it's on trade.


3. You convinced him again by saying "select server and you will see". What's your point by saying this? A black fenrir won't magically changed into gold even if you select server.


4. There is NO SUCH THING as "gold black fenrir". You are making up shits that is not exist. Gold is gold, black is black.


Still saying you don't know why?


Make more topic about this, I will not hesitate to FULLY ban all of your accounts and IP Addresses.

#71301 Teleport Need Coldown

Posted by MuStaff on 14 November 2016 - 12:41

Add Coldown (30seg) Teleport SM


Part of the game.

#70300 Errtel of radiance

Posted by MuStaff on 24 October 2016 - 00:52

how to disassemble? thanks


Press I / V in-game and choose Disassemble (beside Repair).

#70110 Why Block My Account

Posted by MuStaff on 20 October 2016 - 15:57

Why block my account ?

in game name: Doraemon


You should know WHY.


You were selling items for real money which is forbidden.


What did you call it? Card? Viettel?


I was in-game.


The ban is permanent and won't be unbanned!

#34936 Files To Make Some 'Pwned By Filter' Words To Be Not Filtered.

Posted by MuStaff on 23 October 2012 - 13:04

So, as some players requested to me.
Here is the file.

Download it here,

After done downloaded it, extract it and copy paste to your MU Data/Local folder.

#27086 Client Music & Sound (Client which doesn't have Music & Sound)

Posted by MuStaff on 14 July 2012 - 09:11



Extract the files, copy & paste extracted files to your MU Data folder.